Inspired by a desire to give unique, high quality, safe and functional gifts to expectant friends and family, the concept for a mini-baby quilt and pillow combo came about in late 2008. It seemed like a great solution to the over-packed baby bag. But, little did I know that it would be in September 2009 that Kidillow was really born.

It’s no accident that the true launch of Kidillow coincided with the birth of my son. I was determined to be an active mom, but I quickly realized that having the ability to be out and about was limited by how I transported him. Putting my little one on or in anything beyond the pram, stroller, baby carrier, car seat, or my arms was completely dependent on how comfortable I was with the surface I was putting him on. I was not comfortable.

Whatever the location – the floor at our mother’s group location, friends' living rooms, the doctor’s office, hotel beds, mall changing stations, the park – it was just not clean enough to lay down my little guy. So, with my son (KID) as my test subject, the original baby quilt (QUILT) and pillow (PILLOW) combo design was improved to accommodate all of the hands-on parenting requirements I now had, and Kidillow was off and running.

    ◊  Easy to fold            ◊  High-quality

    ◊  Versatile                ◊  Space-saving 

    ◊  Low Maintenance    ◊  Appealing


Before long, my son had put his Kidillow through its paces at home, so out we went. No bulky blankets. No sterilizing wipe-downs. No sore arms from holding him the whole time we were out (he was a big boy!). It was a relief to always have the ability to adapt while on the go.


Since that initial outing, Kidillow and my boys (now two of them!) have grown, as have the uses for Kidillow. As toddlers, their Kidillows are a must-have for car and airline trips, naps at daycare and preschool, and superhero play (leave it to a 2-year-old to figure out that putting the pillow pocket on as a hat made a cape!). 


It has been so exciting to be able to offer a well-made, desirable baby/toddler/kid product that has been thoroughly road-tested by my boys, children of dear friends, and many others. And, to now be expanding Kidillow's product line is just plain fun. I hope that you'll find Kidillow to be the source for that perfect birthday gift, creative shower present, handy baby quilt for little visitors, or great parenting accessory you’ve been looking for.


Thanks so much for stopping by,


Jill AlJundi